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We at MIKO Premium Tastes offer more than just high–quality products — we are also engaged with the promotion of tea cultures and aesthetics. We support your team with all of our »know–how«.

At our tasting workshops, you learn about all aspects of tea and its production from our Tea Master; specifically why orthodox production methods yield better quality tea. He talks about the origins of our tea, how it is picked, processed and made into the drink we recognise. Finally, he describes the characteristics and benefits of different varieties, detailing how each tea should be brewed.

For your guests we offer tea seminars where they learn how to mix delicious tea cocktails of the season - refreshing Ice Tea for the summer or Matcha Tea for cold winter days. Our Tea Master can either train your Barkeepers or can be booked for private seminars.


The Miko Tea academy



Workshops for your Team

 At our tasting workshops, you can learn about various aspects of tea, its origins and history as well as its production. We explain how tea leaves are picked, processed and made into the drink we recognise, and why orthodox production methods yield better quality. We describe the differences between the varieties, their unique characteristics and documented benefits, as well as how each tea should be ideally prepared. Finally, we explain the role of the Tea Master in the production process. 

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 Workshops for your Team 





tea events for your guests

 You can invite our Tea-Master for hotel conventions and other events to create a memorable atmosphere. You can invite your guests to many different national tea ceremonies or you can engage your visitors with exclusive tea seminars where they can discover the cultural world of tea while being entertained how to mix and shake the perfect tea cocktail.  

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 tea events for your guests 


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